Masonry I (17008-I)

Masonry I (17008-I)

Copyright: 2020

Virginia Assignment Code: 8512

Suggested Grade Level: 10, 11

Duration: 36 weeks

Prerequisites: None


Course Description:

Students will safely use the hand tools, measuring tools, power tools, and lifting equipment that masons use on the job. Students will lay brick and block, explore the properties of and mix mortar, recognize mathematical concepts, and identify the components of blueprints used in masonry. Students focus on problem-solving and employability skills while performing hands-on, entry-level brick masonry tasks. Students will earn the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 10 card. Contextual instruction and student participation in co-curricular career and technical student organization (CTSO) activities will develop leadership, interpersonal, and career skills. High-quality work-based learning (HQWBL) will provide experiential learning opportunities related to students' career goals and/or interests, integrated with instruction, and performed in partnership with local businesses and organizations.


The Virginia Administrative Code regulates the class size for this course. For additional information, see 8VAC20-120-150, "Maximum class size," or contact the Virginia Department of Education Office of Career, Technical and Adult Education at

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