Database Design and Management with PL/SQL (Oracle) (10053)

Copyright: 2019

Virginia Assignment Code: 6662

Suggested Grade Level: 10, 11, 12

Duration: 36 weeks

Hours: 140

Credits: 1

Prerequisites: 6660


Course Description:

Web-based technologies used throughout industry, including interactive websites, accounting programs, research tools, search engines, e-learning environments, e-mail managers, and numerous other applications, depend upon relational databases. PL/SQL, an extension of the SQL programming language, provides additional database functionality through variables, conditional statements, iterative controls, and packaging. Students enhance their relational database design and algorithm design skills by learning to write PL/SQL code that includes anonymous blocks, sub programs, procedures, functions, control structures, packages, and triggers, all within a browser-based programming environment. Contextual instruction and student participation in co-curricular career and technical student organization (CTSO) activities will develop leadership, interpersonal, and career skills. High-quality work-based learning (HQWBL) will provide experiential learning opportunities related to students' career goals and/or interests, integrated with instruction, and performed in partnership with local businesses and organizations.

Recommended prerequisite(s): Advanced Database Design and Management (Oracle) 6661

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