Army JROTC IV (09054-36)

Army JROTC IV (09054-36)

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Virginia Assignment Code: AR7919

Suggested Grade Level: 12

Duration: 36 weeks

Prerequisites: AR7918


Course Description:

Students continue instruction in the Army JROTC program, consisting of U.S. citizenship rights and responsibilities, leadership, military history, discipline, citizenship, physical fitness, career education, and workplace readiness skills. Students receive additional instruction in military customs and courtesies, proper uniform wear, and personal appearance guidelines. Adherence to the guidelines is required in leadership lab, drill, and military ceremonies.

Note: Some of the content in this course is informed by the following sources: — Army JROTC Leadership Education and Training, Pearson Custom Publishing, 2005 — Drill and Ceremonies (TC 3-21.5), Headquarters, Department of the Army, 2012 — Leadershp Education and Training Core Materials, Student Handouts — Leadership Education and Training JROTC Curriculum Outline, U.S. Army Cadet Command, Fort Monroe, Virginia, 2010 — Leadership Education and Training JROTC Program of Instruction, U.S. Army Cadet Command, Fort Monroe, Virginia, 2010 Instructors are asked to continue relying heavily on their branch-specific curriculum guides to complement this core set of competencies.

For students interested in military enlistment options based on JROTC program completion: AR 601-210 REGULAR ARMY AND RESERVE COMPONENTS ENLISTMENT PROGRAM 2–18. Enlistment pay grades for personnel without prior service This paragraph applies to Delayed Entry Program (DEP), Delayed Training Program (DTP), or Army National Guard (ARNG) applicants. a. The following explains who may enlist and when and at what pay grade. An applicant who— (1) Has no qualifications for advancement to pay grade higher than E–1 may enlist at any time. (2) Has completed 2 or more years of Junior ROTC, or a National Defense Cadet Corps Program, may enlist at anytime at pay grade private E–2, and applicants are eligible for the rank of private first class (E-3) under these qualifications: Completing three academic years of JROTC (or other National Defense Cadet Corps Program).

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